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Time for some research and first we need a wish list, and top of that list has to be location. One of the main drivers for this move is better weather, and as such we don’t just want to be moving to a slightly better climate.

We’ve already ruled out northern France as being too similar to southern England. Yes it’s going to be better than Liverpool, but we’re only going to be doing this once so, if we can afford it, we’d prefer to be further south. We know Brittany, Normandy etc have some cheap property and it’s only ‘a hop over the Channel’, but it’s not really a hop from the North West so that’s no real attraction to us. with the odd exception, we see ourselves flying to wherever we find.

We’ve found some weather maps and they’ve been really useful in concentrating our search:

The image above shows the average annual hours of sunshine across Frances. Whilst the south of France comes out best, as expected, the south west is a clear second best, with the coastal area around Bordeaux up to La Rochelle having something of a micro-climate.


The image above shows the average summer temperature across France. Again, the south western coast and inland from there looks appealing. 

This image also confirms our decision not to look at northern France, regardless of property costs. That’s not to knock the region … it has a lot of beautiful towns and countryside … its just not for us. So for the time being we are sticking to our criteria for a better climate. That may take us down a dead end regarding affordability etc, but for now we’ll press on, fingers firmly crossed.